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A clamp range combining simplicity and flexibility, designed for lifting and revolving of plates, profiles, fabricated assemblies and steel frames during daily use.
  • Lifts from horizontal to vertical and back
  • Lifts and revolves load with one clamp
  • Clamps are secured by a stainless steel spring mechanism
  • Chain sling gives easy manipulation and positioning of load
  • Clamping action proportional to the load being lifted
  • Flexible clamping range fully usable without presetting
  • Large oval suspension lifting ring
  • ‘Bites’ only on one side of work and reduces marking on the load
  • Fewer parts than other models available on the market
  • Clamps range from 0 to 1 inch, and weight capacities from 3/4 to 3 tons
  • Individually load tested prior to shipping at 200%
  • Inquire for the best Topal™ Automatic-locking clamp that corresponds to your needs! 

Product Code: TOPYZDWW25


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